KingRoot All Versions

KingRoot is an most user-friendly Android Rooting Tool that lets user can  root thier Android device in a matter of seconds for  you have an operating system between Android 2.x and Android 6.0. This means that this app lets you do the same thing as the classic Towelroot,KingoRoot,iRoot..etc.

The procedure to root your device is as simple as other one-click rooting tools with KingRoot. However,KingRoot App is entirely in Chinese, the only thing you have to do is press on the blue button and wait few minutes to complete the rooting process. After a couple of seconds, the application will finish working and you’ll gain a rooted  Android device.

You specially  should know that KingRoot doesn’t work with all type devices. On Moto G, for instance, it usually has some trouble. With Nexus, though, it usually works perfectly.

KingRoot is an excellent way to root your Android device. That said, rooting a device is always a delicate process, so do it with care and be conscious of the risks created.


How to Improve Rooted Android Devices

How to Improve Rooted Android Devices

Are you tired of those features and limitations what your smart phone manufacturer give you, or are you are in interest to get off those default restrictions of your Android phone? Then it is now the perfect time to take full control over your Android smart phone. The Android community call this rooting, which is a technical term for gaining administrative level of access on your Android phone.

By rooting an Android phone, you can simply improve the device performance and battery life, modify the user interface, and also benefit from amazing apps and games emulated by verity of game consoles. But, keep in mind, if you mess up with something while trying to root your phone, you could end up completely bricking your phone, this is why rooting is always being under little risk. So, be careful while rooting your device. But, if your Android device is supported with Any of the one click rooting tool such like KingRoot, KingoRoot, iRoot, FramaRoot or TowelRoot, then you totally risk free and you can fearlessly try one to get your device rooted.

Anyway, you will definitely lose your devices warranty immediately once you have rooted the device, so think well before doing it so.

Since by rooting you will become the master of your own phone, you should smoothly take care of your great powers and responsibilities. Handle everything with care, and make sure to get to know about a specific action before trying it on your phone. Somehow you are a superuser with a rooted Android device.

So, lets get with the tips to know how to improve rooted Android devices.

Gaining Root Access on your Android device

Root access means an extreme level of log on to obtain authorization in order to manage the root, this is a ultimate level permissions of any files of the computer. Since this directory is not collapsed with any other directories, this being said the root directory. If you have permissions to access to this level means, you practically can access into all other directories which are contained in the root directory.

Having root access on your Android device will definitely provide you full control over your device. So, you can then use it any kind as you wish anything on your favor: hosting multiple websites, installation those amazing third party apps, creating up game servers and much more. Also, you can totally maintain things according on your preferences.

Anyway, the procedure to such actions will differ from device to device, but the basic requirements and steps will somehow be the same for almost all the devices. First of all, you will have to backup your whole device using an appropriate app such like Titanium Backup or something else.

And then find out the perfect method to root your Android device, you can get through BestRootApps and RootAndroidBlog, two of the major websites to get information and rooting guides. There are several rooting programs and techniques available for variety of Android devices. Some of the root programs such like KingRoot, KingoRoot, iRoot, One-Click Root, Odin Root and all root many types of Android devices. You can simply download, install and follow the on screen instructions to get your devices rooted.

Anyway before rooting your device, you should consider these factors below here…..

  • Find out which method of rooting matches your device and get prepared with the tools, drivers and physical (Computer, Data cable) requirements.
  • Make a entire backup of your Android device, this will help you recover your data, if something goes wrong with your device. And, unless you are using a one click method to root your device, it will wipe the device into a blank slate.
  • Then, you will have to provide access to the rooting procedure to get the job done:
    -> if you are using a method that root your device without hooking into a computer, then you will have to enable Unknown Sources on your device (Go to settings > Security > enable Unknown Sources).
    -> if you are using a method that hooks up with a computer using a USB cable. Then you will have to Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android device.
  • Charge your Android device to a required level, as the rooting procedure will take its time to get it completely done. So be prepared, if you loose power through the rooting procedure, you could possibly end up bricking your device.

That’s all of it, select the write method to root your device by following the above links and take the whole control of your Android device.

Install a Trusted Root Management App

Once you have successfully rooted your Android device, it lets you ultimately customize your Android device as you decide on your own to take it to the next level. Not only letting you customize the device, it also simply enables you to effectively manage the device’s internal storage and makes access to run some special featured apps. And these apps are need to be given with an administrator level access in order to make some huge function.

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If you are not managing these kind of administrative access on your own, the apps can use it on them self to dig deep into your device’s memory and could possibly sniff out those sensitive details such like banking credentials or some account information.

So, to take control over such administrator access, you should first install a root management app, immediately once you have rooted your Android device. These apps watch over the precious root access and those apps which access through them to save you from so many aspects and prompts you each and every time when an app requires for root access.

In this sector, the SuperSU is one of the best apps to manage the super user access and it is really simple to handle things with supers and there are also some amount of customization options available with this app. Also, you can use Magisk Manager for the same purpose, but still with some advanced options such like hiding root access and all.

Install Root Apps

There are tons of best root apps to get installed on a rooted Android device While installing root apps on your device, you can have some advanced level of features and access. For example, while installing Titanium Backup on your rooted device, you can get some ultimate level backup in your device such as settings backup, app backups and etc.

Xposed Framework

With a rooted Android device, one of the best way to make ultimate modifications is, installing Xposed Framework. With Xposed Framework, it allows you to install verity of Xposed Modules to customize the device to the level of imagination. The developers are working hard to create even more modules to support the framework.

Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs are hacked or modified versions of the stock Android and root apps on most of the times. These type of custom ROMs are found all over the internet and even in Google Play Store. Basically, they are labeled with a tag such like Android ROM or For Root Users in general.

If you are getting with a ROM, the procedure to flash a custom ROM onto your phone is little bit tricky and challenging than usual download and install process. But, you can use a ROM management software in order make it a bit simpler than flashing it manually.

The ClockWorkMod is one of the best known app for app for flashing custom ROMs into your device.

Also, while using ROM manager apps, it allows you to immediately create up the recovery images just for you to use it when you want to restore your device back into an earlier state. This is why the ROM manager apps comes in handy, in case if a new launched ROM attempts to misbehave or causes trouble on the device, you can simply restore it back and get normal. Also, the ROM managers allows you to simply switch ROMs.

Enhancing Speed and Battery Performance

When you have full control over your device, almost you can do anything you want with your device, including you can ultimately improve the speed and get to the maximum limits. There are software programs for almost everything and either same way for this purpose, but always keep in mind, those apps can be used only on rooted Android devices. Some popular examples for this reason are Greenify (for making optimizations and get a massive improvement with speed and battery life), Optimus Root Memory Optimizer (for managing the device memory to the fullest). With these amazing programs, you can now make some extreme level of optimizations to the memory of the Android device, and you can simply expect a great improvement on performance.

Along with that, you can also download SetCPU for the root users in order to tweak your device processor’s clock speed, and thereby can easily speed up your device: this will eat up more power on your device but instead you can slow down the clock speed if you are in need of saving more power for your day.

Enjoy Games from the Past

As you know, there are many classic games in the past such as Legends of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Asteroids, Missile Command and so on. These games are ported from some of the popular game consoles such as the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Atari, Game Boy, Sega, and Sega Genesis. Within these type of games you can select something that you like and enjoy playing it.

One thing you should always keep in mind, it is illegal if you are downloading and installing those games without having license to use them.

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SB Game Hacker For Android| Download

Game Killer APK – Latest Full Version Free Download


As we have looked into improving each and every corner of a rooted Android device, we can do almost anything by installing a specific ROM according to your need. There are custom ROMs for all the needs and definitely there is one for you. For example, there are ROMs for changing the basic behavior of the device’s hardware, there are ROMs for making some great customizations such like the user interface and massive backup options, there are ROMs even in need of ad-blocking, and as well as ROMs to completely turn your device into a game emulator. So, we suggest you to select a ROM which fulfills your needs and favors. keep one thing in mind, root your device, and simply install a new ROM. All these things on your own risk.


Best Games Hacking Apps for Android

For all the game lovers out there, here is a extremely good news for you all. This post might be very much useful for you all because here we are going to list out some of the best game hacking apps for Android for you to enjoy gaming in a more stable way.

Playing games on your mobile device is one of the best way to spend your little relax time. And for sure, Android is the best place when it comes to gaming sector as Android does on all other sectors.

When you hack you’re an Android game, if will be more interesting and time saving. But, in order to hack your Android games you will have to first root your Android device. You can root your Android device by using KingRoot, KingoRoot, TowelRoot, iRoot, FramaRoot or something else.Did you think that Why Root?

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Now let’s have a look at game hacking apps for Android device.

Lucky Patcher

The Lucky Patcher is the best of all the game hacking tool for Android. The Lucky Patcher is available in the App Store for the users download and use, but you must have rooted your Android device in order obtain the maximum support from the app. This not only does game hacking, it does even more great things on your device such as removing ads, licensing verification and modifying the memory of an app or game and much more.Read More


GameCih is another great contender on the list of Android game hacking apps. This little open source Android App let the users simply hack and modify most verity of Android Games including the online games as well. The GameCih does all of the tasks totally for free. But anyway, the GameCih either requires for the root access to perform the task. You must first root your Android device in order to perform tasks with GameCih.Read More

SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker is another most popular one among the game hacking fans. The SB Game Hacker lets you hack your games and have more freedom on them. Also, you can use this game hacker to modify any game’s system files and have unlimited resources such as golds, coins, money and many more. And the SB Game hacker either allows you to block those annoying ads, bypass through license restrictions and even more things. So this one comes as a total workflow for Android.Read More

Game Killer

Game Killer is a simple Android game hacking app that allows you to hack resources in the games such as gems and coins. As this one is a great successor, it was previously available on the Google Play Store and now for some reason it has been removed a few months ago. But still you can download the Game Killer app from other websites in the internet.

With Game Killer you can hack offline Android games from Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the later versions, but with this app either you have to first root your Android device.Read More


With all the previous suggestions the Creehack is either a best one for Android game hacking. The Creehack comes special for hacking online games, it does great job with online stuff. The Creehack lets you obtain unlimited golds, coins, points, scores and much more with online games. Also, you can bypass through any of the app licensing procedure as well.Read More

More Details……

What is Leo PlayCard ?Download Latest Leo PlayCard Apk For Android?



















Odin Root – Features and Tutorial

Odin Root – Features and Tutorial

The Odin Root is an awesome and one of the great rooting tool which is mostly used to root Samsung Android devices. The Odin Root does offer so many features with it, one of the main feature is the ability to root Android devices. The Odin Root is root compatible with both the Samsung smartphones and tablets and still supports some other brands of Android devices either.

The Odin is also used in the need of flashing a custom ROM and flashing firmware as well into your Android device. You can download Odin Root and make things simple and convenient when rooting an Android device.

Features of Odin Root

  • Never need to be installed on your PC
  • Makes the path for you to flash stock ROMs into the device
  • Let’s you flash custom recovery
  • Provides the opportunity to flash custom Kernels
  • Allows you to flash Root Packages and root your Android devices
  • Allows you to re-partition your Android device

Root Android with Odin Root


  • Download the latest Samsung USB drivers
  • Download the latest version of Odin root
  • Download the suitable firmware file for your Android device model
    (If you don’t know the model number of your device, you can find it out through Settings > About Phone)
  • Download the device-compatible CF-Auto-Root file.

Pre Requirements

  • Make sure to charge your device at least up to 50%
  • Get a complete backup of your Android device by using Titanium Backup
  • Download and install the Samsung USB drivers on your PC
  • Download and setup ADB fastboot on your PC
  • An original USB cable in order to connect your Android into the PC

How to use Odin Root?

  1. Download Odin Root on to your computer
  2. Then, download the root package on your computer.
  3. Next, you will have to simply unzip Odin Root file on your PC.
  4. And Install the Odin and then launch the program.
  5. Once you have done everything, now you should turn off you Android device.
  6. And, turn it back on booting into download mode
  7. Now, you will have to connect your Android phone or the Tablet into the PC using
  8. Then, the Odin Root will notify that you have connected the device to the PC.
  9. So, on the Odin Root tool you will notice the added message being displayed along with the ID:COM section
    (This will be highlighted by yellow or blue color)
  10. In case, if you don’t see the mentioned aspects on the Odin screen, then you will have to remove and reconnect your Android device. This means you will have to disconnect the devices, close Odin, reinstall the USB drivers and repeat the process from the beginning.
  11. Once everything is working good as it is explained, you should now select the PDA option which is on Odin.
  12. Next, you can select the root file from your computer in order to begin rooting.
  13. On the Odin Root the Re-partition box should remain unchecked.
    (make sure uncheck if it is checked)
  14. Then simply click on start to and be patience for a while for your device to be rooted with Odin.
  15. Finally, when the rooting procedure is successfully done with Odin, you will notice the Pass message displayed on the Odin app screen.
  16. Now, simply unplug the USB cable and disconnect your device from the PC.
  17. That’s it, you are done boom.

You can simply check your Root status by using the Root checker app.

KingRoot 5.3.3 apk

KingRoot 5.3.3 apk

KingRoot is an amazing one click rooting tool that is compatible with most of the Android devices with verity of versions and models. KingRoot is formed by a group of developers and they named the group as KingRoot Studio. The KingRoot has released, KingRoot 5.3.3 apk version recently, with support improvement. Now, the KingRoot 5.3.3 supports more devices that ever before.

The Kingroot 5.3.3 apk is now has become more convenient for android root users. If you are a root fan and you want to root your Android device, the KingRoot could be your first choice to try it out. KingRoot 5.3.3 has entered the rooting world with more power to root more devices. As you might know, there many one click rooting tools available in the root world such like KingoRoot, TowelRoot, iRoot, FramaRoot. But still the KingRoot could be the best choice for you to get your Android device rooted.

KingRoot 5.3.3 – New version to Root Android

Feature of KingRoot 5.3.3

  • Provides easy root by one click
    Rooting Android with KingRoot 5.3.3 is Pretty much easy as all the previous versions of KingRoot did, this time it has a wide range of support with KingRoot 5.3.3. There is no any other rooting tool that can provide you root privileges like the KingRoot does for you. To root an Android device, you will have to simply install KingRoot 5.3.3, run it up and then click on the root button. Your device will be rooted.
  • KingRoot is totally free
    The KingRoot Android rooting tool is entirely free of cost to install and use it to get benefits with it.
  • The amazing Purify app provided with KingRoot
    Once you have completed rooting your Android device with KingRoot 5.3.3, you will find the app named purify in the app drawer. What purify does is, it can simply set foot on variety of activities and does many more things such like, saving battery, clearing up cache data, blocking auto start apps and etc.

All new KingRoot 5.3.3 Download Information

Requires: Android 4.0 or above
Size: 10.9 Mb
Version : 5.3.3

Download KingRoot 5.3.3

KingRoot Package brings you SU Binary,Kinguser,Purify Framework and KingRoot Rooting software so you can root your android easily as well as manage after rooting properly.

How to install KingRoot 5.3.3 and Root Android

What to consider before rooting your

  1. Download KingRoot 5.3.3 apk from the above download link
  2. Install the downloaded KingRoot 5.3.3. on your Android device
  3. Once KingRoot is successfully installed, click on the KingRoot app icon to open it
  4. Now on the KingRoot 5.3.3 interface first click on Try It and then click on the Get Now button to start rooting your Android device
  5. Now, wait for a while until KingRoot finishes the work.
  6. If your Android device is compatible with KingRoot 5.3.3., your device will be successfully rooted.
  7. There is nothing to worry on trying KingRoot 5.3.3 on your Android device, because this will definitely not going to harm your device.
  8. If the device is successfully rooted, you will see message that says, rooted.
  9. Congrats!!!!!! You can now extremely enjoy all of the features of a rooted Android.

To further confirm that your Android device is rooted or not, you can simply check your Root status with Root Checker app. You are always welcome to speak to us about your experience or any of the errors that you faced while using KingRoot 5.3.3. Use the comment section below here for communication.

Another,important fact is you can replace the KingUser by SuperSu or Magisk Managing Tool easily.Do you know that SuperSu and Magisk Manager software are most powerful managerial tool forever.

Also, if the KingRoot 5.3.3 fails to Root your device, then you can find out, how to root your specific device model.











How To Root HTC Nexus 9 Android Tablet

HTC Nexus 9 is a best quality Tablet which brings with 8.9 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display powered by 2.3 GHz Dual-core processor along with 2 GB RAM and the device runs on Android V 7.1.1 (Nougat) OS. If you are an owner of  this Tablet and seeking for a way to root it, you are in the right place here.This documentation will provide you all details to root your device easily with iroot…..Read More

How to Root using kingroot Apk To All Android Devices


How to Root using kingroot Apk To All Android Devices 

Now you can root your Android device just one click using kingroot apk very easily. For that read the following steps and do it. 

Step 1: Connect with the internet from your device and search  kingroot website. You can see kingroot “download APK for Android” command. Select  and Click it.

After downloading kingroot apk, you can see similar notification like “thank you for downloading kingroot for android”. Then click “ok”

But when you download this type of APK, you may receive a message like “This type of file may harm your device”. Please click “ok.”

Step 2: After KingRoot download is completed, go to the drop down notification bar and install kingroot apk to your Android device.

But, if you receive message like “Google installation blocked” when you installing the kingroot application to your device, follow these steps.

  • You can see the notification heading in screen “Installation blocked’ and sub heading like “more details”
  • Click on “more details” and read carefully. Then you can see the notification like “install anyway (unsafe)”. Select ‘ok”.

Step 3: Now you can see the kingroot apk installing to your device successfully. But it may take some time. After the installation is completed click on the ‘open” button using kingroot.

Step 4: when you open it, you can see topic like “purify system” and Click “try it” to enter the main interface, and click “get now” button to start rooting.

Step 5: Now the rooting procedure is already completed and finished. So you should return back to the main screen. That is the end of the rooting process.

Step 6: Then  Download Root Checker. Check the Root is successful. If your root is completed successfully, you can see result “your device is rooted”, on your device screen.


Kingo Android Root For Windows

Kingo Android Software

  • Kingo Android Root for windows is awesome Android device’s Rooting Software.
  • Kingo Android Software is most trusted and user friendly tool which it has simple interface so operation is also most easier than you think.
  • After Rooting your Android device with Kingo,you can open the so many hidden features and functions easily.Anyway way Kingo Is one of the best and wonderful Android software in the Android market.
  • Furthermore,you can boost your device\s battery easily,increase the CPU performances better,customize as your wish,remove bloatware easily to speed up the device..etc why you can get special permit to enter and admin the system Application easier without any issue.
  • Do you know that Kingo Android Software include so many best features as below,there are

Unlock hidden features

Uninstall the bloatware

Speed up your Android Device

Ads free environment

Privacy guarded

Boost Battery Life

Access root only Apps

Customizable latest/Modern appearance.

Attain admin level permission

  • Do you know that you have gained so many additional options and flexibility after rooting your Android device? anyway,you would like to unroot your android device when you have an option to get unroot device easily.To do it ,follow the instructions here well.
  • Kingo Root  windows Software supports for almost all android devices as Samsung,HTC,Sony,LG and Google Nexus easily.
  • To Root your device with Kingo Android Software,Follow the given instructions here.


How To Root Samsung Galaxy C7 Android Smartphone

 maxresdefault (2)

Samsung Galaxy C7 is a top end Android smartphone, which comes out with 5.5 inches Super AMOLED touchscreen display powered by 2.4 GHz Octa-core processor along with 4 GB RAM and it runs on Android V 7.1 (Nougat) operating system If you are an owner of this smartphone & hoping to root it, don’t worry, you came to the right page. Furthermore, I will provide you with all details to Root Samsung Galaxy C7 here easily and effectively.


1) Take a whole backup of your device using an appropriate app. This step is very important why your device may corrupt during the rooting but if we have taken a complete backup then we can restore easily to your device.

2) Download Samsung Galaxy C7 USB driver and install it on your computer.

3) Enable “Developer Options” by using the given path below
Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (tap on it for 7 times). Once done, enable USB debugging mode by following this path: Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging.

4) Ensure that your device has at least 50-60% battery backup

After you have finished all these steps above, you can move rooting process given as below.


1)  Download Odin and Samsung Galaxy C7 TWRP recovery image (.tar.md5) to your computer. After the download has finished, launch Odin window.

2) Next, switch off your smartphone and boot into the Bootloader mode pressing and holding Volume DownPower and Home buttons simultaneously as given figure.

3) After your device has booted into the download mode, you can connect it to your computer using the original USB data cable. If you have already installed the USB drivers of Galaxy J5 in your computer properly, then Odin will automatically identify your device, and you will see an “Added” message in its Logs. Also, the ID:COM will turn to “Blue” colour.

4) Now, you can click on the “AP” button in Odin window and select the  .tar.md5 file.

5) Next, click on the “Start” button to launch the flashing process which will take several minutes to get completed. After flashing process has finished, you will get a “PASS” message in the Odin. Your device will also reboot.

6) Now, you should unplug your Android Device and computer.

Now, you have successfully finished flashing TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy C7 Device.Then you can root your android device as below,


1) Download SuperSU and save it on your PC. After doing it, connect your smartphone to the PC via USB data cable.Then transfer the SuperSU file to its internal memory. After finishing this step, unplug your device from the PC.

2) Boot your device into the TWRP recovery by pressing and holding the Volume UpPower and Home Buttons at the same time.

3) After your device has booted into the TWRP recovery mode, you should click on “Install”  & select the SuperSU file in your device’s internal memory to launch the flashing process.

4) After above step, reboot your smartphone.

That’s enough. Now you have successfully finished root Samsung Galaxy C7 Android smartphone. To check the root privileges of your smartphone, use the Root Checker for Android app from Google Play Store.

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How to hack apps/games easily

How to hack apps/games easily

images (5)

1.Root your Android with KingoRoot Software.

You can choose any best one-click rooting tool to root your android devices easily.I have mentioned some best one-click rooting tool for you

KingRoot For Android

KingoRoot For Android

iRoot For Android

TowelRoot For Android

Wondershare Dr.Fone For Android

Don’t worry,you can make everything using given links as above easily.Anyway you should root your android device root before install the Game Hacker App on your android device.

2.Download the  Any Hacker App as your Wish,

CreeHack apk For Android|Download

SB Game Hacker For Android| Download

GameCIH APK 3.0.0 Latest Game Hacker For Almost All Android Devices|Download

3.Pick the Apps you want to hack and play a little around;

Find something you want to change;

Open Cheat Droid to find your apps and find the preference;

Be creative!

Save and go back, then find the results!

Are you happy?you can make so many thing with Game Hacker Apps.Thanks