How To Use KingRoot PC Chinese Version

How To Use KingRoot PC Chinese Version

Origin of the KingRoot is China. Actually,if need to make huge Android Experience through the rooting,then good way to root your android device with kingroot. Now you can find now KingRoot English Version.But if you like to use Chinese Version when you can follow this Guide-lines to achieve Rooting Goal easily.Anyway we know that kingroot PC Version is most poweful which it can root almost all android devices.

Furthermore,you can follow the kingRoot supportive device list before Rooting.

How To Use KingRoot PC Chinese Version

To start Rooting,you should follow the given guidelines as bellow,Read 2,3 times then you can start the rooting with KingRoot.

1.Read and uderstand the Words given as bellow

下一步                        Next

取消                            Cancel

我同意此 协议          Agreement to terms

完成                           Completed

尝试                            Root

2.Download KingRoot PC/ windows Version

3.Run Kingroot  setup file on your PC.At that moment you can see bellow  2 buttons.There are  下一步 and 取消

4.Anyway you should  click on “ 下一步/ ”.You should understand that is not on the 取消

5.After you have clicked on above button,then you will show bellow button.

6.Select “我同意此 协议” on the next screen which means you agree to all the terms and conditions and again click on “ 下一步 ” to go to next screen.

7.Select the location of the file you want to install kingroot for PC or choose default and click on “ 下一步 ” and wait for the installation to complete

8.Now  you should Click on “ 完成 ” to complete

9.Connect your android phone to your PC, Kingroot will automatically detect the device and show on screen. It can take a moment to install drivers for specfic phone.

10.Enable debugging mode on your phone in developer settings and click on “ 尝试 Root ”.

11.The process will start and do not unplug your device in between, it will reboot and you will see a huge tick on your PC once the device has completed rooting.

Summary to proceed the Rooting

Summary to proceed the Rooting  click on given Symbols one by one  as bellow,

下一步 <  我同意此 协议 < 下一步 < 下一步 <  完成 <  尝试

If you follow the above Formula when you can gain a Rooted Android Device easily.

KingRoot‘s engineers have made it consummately clear what their application introduces and does not. What goes into the root formula is the SU Binary (introduced in System/Xbin so you can keep root get to for all time), and KingUser (a SuperSU simple to deal with your root access). Also, ought to the KingRoot application neglect to bust your gadget open, you can let the desktop KingRoot download application have a turn it – the designers guarantee this current one’s “a specialist in Samsung root field”, which is unquestionably no joke, as establishing Sammy’s handsets has been really muddled subsequent to the KNOX security layer was consolidated.

Yet, we specified KingRoot pillars information to and from the cloud, isn’t that so? What sort of that will be that, sir??? Try not to stress, KingRoot has been posed this questions several times as of now and is prepared to give you a reaction written in cursive. The application gathers the data it needs from your gadget’s ROM. Said data goes through the KingRoot server without being put away (in light of the fact that the devs should make their server as large as Google’s to do that, in their own particular words). Your gadget’s IMEI achieves the server as well, however, it gets encoded and recalculated into another number to help the KingRootdownload group compute their instrument’s prosperity rate.


Do You Want to Replace KingUser with SuperSU ? How To Replace KingUser with SuperSU

We are greatly appreciating and Thanking the KingXTeam from for Developing this fantastic Kingroot Tool. Make sure Kingroot is safe. If you having some issues with kingroot go here “Fix Kingroot apk errors”



If you need to unroot your device you can follow these steps,

  • Go to the Kingroot App info on your Android system.
  • Then tap on the Force stop.
  • Then tap on Clear data.
  • Then use Kingroot to root your device again.
  • After the root process done, Uninstall Kingroot quickly.

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